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Forever and a Day Co.

Me Time Candles

Me Time Candles

In a busy world, it is easy to lose “me time.” We are always on the go, physically or mentally, and forget how important it is to take a moment and just be with ourselves.

Take a break from your everyday life while having a physical reminder to stay present

Use these candles for your moment of calmness. They last around 20 minutes, a perfect amount of time for reflection and appreciation. It will extinguish on its own when the wax is melted down.  Will NOT drip and make a mess.  Just make sure to put the candle on a heat safe surface. 

Light your candle & ease your mind.  Try to use these for 7 days in a row and see how you feel :)


  • 7 Bees Wax Mini Taper Candles (last around 20-25 minutes each, 2.5in long)
  • Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone
  • Taper candle holder
  • Book of World Incense Matches (Scent chosen at random)



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