Tea Light Samples

Tea Light Samples

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Samples are finally here!

If you do not know which scent you want to try, now you can try them all for a low price!

These are meant to be samples, they will not fill an entire room with scent.  They also serve as nice little decor to set around the house :)

Tea Lights hold about .5 oz of wax and can last 3-4 hours

If you would like to try all 10 of the scents, choose All in the drop down for a discounted price !

 Scent Descriptions:

Allure:  This fragrance is a sweet and delicious blend of caramel, vanilla and bergamot. It is the innocent scent with powdery notes

Amaretto:  This creamy almond fragrance is paired with a light patchouli and cedar wood

Captivate:  Hints of Light Musk, Jasmine and Sandalwood

Despina:  A feminine, calming floral

Noir:  A complex, sultry and sweet blend of mandarin, amber and musk

Spa Day: The blend of lavender and sage will help ease tension

The Fifth:  A Mediterranean Orange scent that will make you feel like you're in a 5 Star Hotel

Cozy:  This scent is a blend of cashmere, lavender and sandalwood that go together perfectly

Ivory Coconut:  Coconut milk, sandalwood and cedar