11:11 Synchronicity, not Coincidence
11:11 Synchronicity, not Coincidence

11:11 Synchronicity, not Coincidence

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11:11 is interpreted different ways to many people.  It is often associated with a divine presence, a change in vibrational energy around us or to some it is just a time to recognize the synchronicity and set an intention.

Synchronicity is very prevalent in our lives.  It guides us to take us a second and at least consider the possibility that there is more we should be looking at in our everyday lives.  

A lot of times we recognize something unexplainable and just say "What a Coincidence" and brush things off.  When we start to view these occurrences in a different light, and let them make us feel something, we can see the world as more than meets the eye.

When you light your candle, do it mindfully, not mindlessly :) Let it be a reminder that there is more to us than we can physically see.  And of course, before you put the candle out, make a wish!

This candle is topped with Baby's Breath, Clear Quartz and Celestite. 

Celestite (also referred to as Celestine) is associated with mindfulness, divine power and a heightened consciousness.

**Celestite pieces will vary in size**

- 8.5Oz Glass Jar

- Scent will be chosen for you!